Live updates and results from CIAC’s high school basketball championship


No. 8 WINDHAM 62, No. 2 SMSA 56

– This is how you start the weekend. Good play by both teams. Well played on both sides.

– Hunter, the beginner, hits 2 free throws. Windham 62, SMSA 56. Whippets wins first state title since 1941.

– Turnover SMS 8 seconds left.

Hunter 1 of 2 from the line. Windham up 60-56 with 12 seconds left. Hunter 18 points.

– Manual follow-up for Windham, Miller setup for SMSA. Windham leads 59-56 with 14 seconds left.

– SMS Kemani Thompson and 3 points 57-54, Windham. 39 seconds left.

– Freshman Malcolm Hunter hits 1 of 2, Windham up 57-51.

Windham, a 14-time state wrestling champion, is 1:28 away from the first CIAC boys’ basketball title since 1941. Up 56-50. Windham boll.

– Every time Windham puts together a run, SMSA responds to keep it within reach. Windham up 54-48 with 3:10 left. SMSA led by Daniel Hernandez with 17.

– Do not care what division this is, Isaiah Alexis Mangual, a 6-5 junior just came on a wonderful power spin move for a layin on the court. Windham up 52-43.

– Hunter and Mangual cousins ​​(juniors, by the way) have teamed up for 41 of Windham’s 50 points.

– Windham students chant “He’s a beginner! He’s a beginner!” after Hunter beats another 3. Windham up 50-41. Hunter with 15 points, 5-for-9 from 3. 6:44 left.


– SMS six straight points. 47-41 Windham., SMSA will not disappear. End of third quarter. Both teams shoot better than 50 percent from the field.

– Malcom Hunter on fire, strikes another 3-pointer. Windham up 45-35. Hunter, a FRESHMAN, has three 3s and 12 points. 1:21 left in the third.

– Back to back 3-pointer held Windham start half with 9-2 run, up 35-29.


– SMSA is led by junior guard Daniel Hernandez 10 points. Windham led by Isaiah Alexis Manguals 13 points.

– Half time. Draw 27-27.

– Draw game. Miller switches on free throw. Less than a minute and a half.

– We have a game here again. SMSa within 27-24 after being inferior 11. 1:39 left of the first half.

– SMS six straight points. Time-out Windham, who leads 27-22 with 3:10 left in the half.

– SMS Timeout. 4:18 left in the first half. Windham up 27-16. 11-4 run to open second quarter. Mangual cousins ​​have joined for 20. Isaiah Alexis Mangual with 13.

– Windham up by 23-16. Mangual cousins ​​have teamed up for 16 points.


– Windham leads 16-12 after a quarter.

– Windham up 15-9 in the first quarter, 6-5 junior forward Isaiah Alexis Mangual leading by nine points. Has made all four of his field goal attempts.

– Good action early, Hunter with a 3. Windham up by 10-7. 4:16 left of the 1st quarter.

– Mangual with all five points Windham, up 5-1 early.

– There is something special about the smaller divisions in the state championship finals.

SMSA (That’s Sports and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford) makes its first championship appearance.

Windham, who came here on a last-second three-pointer, is making his first appearance since 1941!

– We are 5 minutes from the beginning of the best weekend in high school sports. Two days. 10 games. And a lot of memories.


10:00 – Division V Boys Basketball: Nr. 8 WINDHAM (18-6) vs. Nr. 2 SMSA (19-4)

12:30 – Class S girls basketball: No. 1 THOMASTON (20-3) vs. No. 3 COVENTRY (18-5)

15.00 – Division III Boys Basketball: Nr. 3 HAND (20-3) vs. Nr. 1 PISTON CATHEDRAL (20-2)

18:15 – Class L girls basketball: No. 1 NEWINGTON (22-1) vs. No. 3 NOTRE DAME-FAIRFIELD (19-3)

20:15 – Division II Boys Basketball: Nr. 1 BRISTOL CENTRAL (23-0) vs. Nr. 2 NORTHWEST CATHOLIC (22-1)

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