AFL 2022: All news from Brisbane Lions vs Port Adelaide

Brisbane, inspired by Joe Daniher, defended a 24-point deficit in the third quarter and finished over the brave Port Adelaide with a hard-won 11-point victory at Gabba on Saturday night.

Daniher scored four goals – including two at the start of his fourth term – to lead Brisbane’s return and with a little luck and better management could have up to six goals.

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In the tense fourth quarter, both sides were close in 61 – all for a longer time before scoring Linc McCarthy, Oscar McInerney and Charlie Cameron, who opened the match for Brisbane, who have now won 29 of the last 31 seasons at home and away. matches in Gabba.

Port’s substitute was like an injury department, Trent McKenzie (knee) and Xavier Duursma (collarbone) suffered injuries at the end of the game, while Aliir Aliir (ankle), Robbie Gray (knee) and Conner Rozee (ankle) spent a lot of time off the field. .

McKenzie’s knee problem seemed the most serious when he landed awkwardly, and after the marking race it seemed like a lot of pain.

He was taken out of the field by medical taxi.

Daniher’s third goal of the match reduced Porto’s lead to seven points, his fourth major reduced his lead to just one point, and Gabba pumped the irresistible dynamics of Brisbane and the rapidly dwindling Port troops, leading to the inevitable result.

Port enjoyed a 15-point cushion in the final rotation after leading up to four goals in the third quarter. The Power scored the first three goals of the season before Zac Bailey stopped Brisbane’s rot.

The Lions could be closer, but Hugh McCluggage missed a seat and Daniher went for a long bomb with unmarked teammates within 50.

Due to his predominant possession, Port scored four goals in the second half against two Brisbane to take the four-point lead in the half, but the Lions were to be in front after Daniher decided to pass by hand instead of returning and scoring a goal. directly on the siren.

Reserve player Darcy Fort made the most of his only opportunity to make a good first impression with two goals in the first term to give the Lions a seven-point bumper in a quarter of an hour, with Travis Boak providing the visitors with a single lead role. lousy opening date.

Port’s medical staff was very busy.

Before Trent McKenzie was stretched with what looked like a serious knee injury last season, defender Aliir Aliir left the country in the second quarter with an ankle injury after a match with Mitch Robinson and did not return until the third term.

Midfielder Robbie Gray spent most of the first semester off the ground with a right knee problem.

He reappeared from the rooms with his knee severed and limping markedly as he returned to the game.

Connor Rozee spun his ankle in the third term, while Power also lost Xavier Duursman (a collarbone) in a quarter of an hour, who was replaced by substitute Steve Motlop.

Mitch Robinson’s impact on Xavier Duursm in the first period is likely to go under the MRO microscope.

Robinson and Duursma had a severe collision on Brisbane’s half-front wing, with Duursma leaving the country soon after with a collarbone problem.

Both players went low on the ball, and Robinson – who had been in the health and safety protocols for a week – seemed ready for contact by turning to the side when Duursma seized.

No, Joe! Just before halftime, Joe Daniher pushed through at the top of the goal for what looked like a sure goal.

However, instead of returning and pushing Sherrin between the poles in the immediate vicinity and directly in front of him, he decided to throw over Nakia Cockatoo.

As he threw, a siren sounded, costing Brisbane a half-time lead.

As a key attacker, he must take responsibility for kicking these goals.

For both clubs, it is far more important how the year ends than how they started. Port made it to the preliminary finals without advancing to the big dance, while Brisbane has been the top four teams in the last three seasons to have managed only one preliminary round and lost five of the six finals.

The number of serious injuries contributes to Port’s misery
Port Adelaide suffered a double wound after losing Xavier Duursma and Trent McKenzie in an 11-point loss to Gabb.

In a game where several Power players limped off the field at various stages, Duursma was replaced by a left collarbone problem and McKenzie was taken off the field on a mobile stretcher, with commentators speculating to be an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Duursma was defeated by a tough Lions man, Mitch Robinson, in the back line of the guests in the middle of the first quarter.

After Duursma gathered for a moment, he continued to play for a while, just to run to the bench.

The 21-year-old winger was replaced during the first break by medical substitute Steven Motlop.

McKenzie was in pain after his left leg landed awkwardly when he broke the ball in the fourth period in the attacking Fifty Brisbane.

The 29-year-old key defender seemed to know immediately that it was serious, and the Power doctors did not move with him until the stretcher came out.

There was a four-and-a-half-minute break in the game when he was taken off the ground.

While Duursma and McKenzie didn’t finish the match, the club may have to keep a close eye on the three who did it in the coming days – Connor Rozee and Aliir Aliir (both ankle problems) and Robbie Gray (knee).

Rozee limped at the beginning of the third quarter after his left foot landed on an opponent from Brisbane, and then went to the locker room for further treatment.

He returned for his last term.

Aliir, who landed awkwardly on the right ankle in a scoring match with Robinson on the wing before heading to the rooms and returned to the field for the start of the second half, had a similar story.

Gray’s right knee problem was assessed in the opening minutes of the match and he spent most of the first term on the bench.

The veteran reappeared with a belt on his knee.

Duursma and McKenzie join team leader Charlie Dixon, goalie Orazio Fantasia and half-defender / wing Miles Bergman on the Power injury list.

Dixon, who is recovering from ankle surgery, hopes to play again in the 3rd or 4th round.

Duursm’s injury continued hard after he missed 13 games last season due to right knee hyperextension.

McKenzie looked to be with Tom Clurey this summer before undergoing knee surgery this month.

The 29-year-old former Gold Coast Sun has revived his career at Power and has become his top defender in the last two seasons.

Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko was also part of a bloodshed injury when he was replaced in three-quarters due to Achilles fears.

He was replaced by a young man, Harry Sharp.

BRISBANE: 2.2 / 4.6 / 6.10 / 11.14 (80)

PORT ADELAIDE: 1.1 / 5.4 / 9.7 / 10.9 (69)


Brisbane: Daniher 4, Fort 2, McCarthy 2, Bailey, McInerney, Cameron

Port Adelaide: Houston 2, Boak, Amon, Marshall, Rozee, Powell-Pepper, Georgiades, Motlop, Drew


Brisbane: Daniher, Neale, Lyons, Adams, Robinson, Berry, Fort

Port Adelaide: Houston, Boak, Amon, Byrne-Jones, Wines, McKenzie


Brisbane: Zorko (Achilles), Rich (hip),

Port Adelaide: Duursma (collarbone), Gray (knee), Aliir (ankle), McKenzie (knee), Rozee (ankle)


3: Joe Daniher

2: Lachie Neale

1: Dan Houston

Joe sees the funny side of the half-time mistake
Joe Daniher was able to see the funny side after getting from the hero to zero within seconds during the half-time siren of the Brisbane Lions clash with Port Adelaide.

The key attacker pulled the candidate for the mark of the year to the ground, but had no idea that the siren was about to sound.

Instead of playing a missile that could have brought Brisbane ahead of the main break, Daniher tapped Nakii Cockatoo, who was unmanned, a few feet away.

Daniher throws the half-siren
The brain faded completely as Daniher threw at Gabba in a half-siren. Fox Footy Credit: Delivered
However, the siren sounded with the ball moving and allowed Port Adelaide to gain a four-point lead to the main break on Gabba.

Daniher throws the half-siren
Daniher tries to trap his half-time gaff. Fox Footy Credit: Delivered
Daniher laughed at the teammate incident as they headed for the substitutes, but coach Chris Fagan looked disinterested in the sidelines.

Daniher answered in the second half and scored three more goals to add to one in the first half when the Lions returned to the match.


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